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Freelance French teacher

Who am I ?


My name is Justine, I am 28 years old, and I come from Bayonne, in the magical land of the Basque Country. Today, I am a French teacher, but I have been in the educational field for much longer than that!

I took my first step into teaching at the age of 19, when I worked in a popular education association. It was a revelation for me, I became aware of the fundamental place of education in our societies and I found my way : I want to teach ! At the age of 23, I obtained my first master’s degree in Education Sciences. I acquired an important culture of the educational world, I familiarized myself with the different pedagogical currents that have shaped modern practices, I read many authors and thinkers of education. I now know how I want to teach, and I have the keys to do so.

The choice to teach my own language is taking shape. I like French very much, and I know it well. But I like even more to meet people, to share, to find solutions to raise curiosity and give the taste and the desire to learn. Moreover, I am very attached to my freedom. I want to travel, choose my own schedule, be free to teach in a café if I feel like it. I don’t want a single, imposed method, but rather to create a teaching style that suits my students and I. My decision was made, I chose to become a professional French teacher and I obtained my second master’s degree in Didactics of French as a Foreign Language at the age of 26.

I discovered a previously unknown world that fascinated me. What goes on in the head of someone who learns a new language? How can we help the learner to overcome his or her difficulties and apprehensions? The master’s degree gives me all the scientific culture I need to create effective and fun courses based on current scientific research. On the other hand, I learn to understand the psychology of the person learning a foreign language, and to develop my teaching style based on the student’s desire and motivation to express himself. In the meantime, I already teach online courses to Ukrainian university students for the Alliance Française, and to migrants and refugees for the Cimade. I love what I do, I experiment, I create courses and connect with people.

One week after I graduated, I was hired in a great language school in Biarritz. I give 25 hours of lessons per week to beginners (A1,A2), intermediate (B1,B2), advanced (C1,C2) students. I also prepare students for the DELF, DALF, TEF, TCF exams. I work a lot, but I create my own resources, I learn from my mistakes and I develop my style. It’s a success, all the students pass, and the feedback is very positive. I think I’ve found my place!

In October, I want to launch my own French micro-school. The idea of Abracablabla came as if by magic. The name of the school carries a concept: to make the French class a space of happy learning, of meeting, and of creativity. If the climate is conducive to sharing, then the words to tell the story come out! My role is to create this special climate where expressing yourself will become natural, while giving you all the keys to achieve it. Abraca…blabla!